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EDIT: Uploaded better quality photos.

(Click the photo and then “High-res” for a better view)

Four original pieces of pony art arrived yesterday, courtesy of the immensely-talented sophiecabra.

The photos really do them no justice. You can find scans of the originals on Sophie/Spain’s dA, linked above. I have no idea how she managed to get traditional line-art and colouring this clean! I can barely draw a stick-man without it becoming a smudged mess.

I’ll upload another photo once they’re framed, but that will probably have to wait until my room is re-decorated. In the meantime, I should find a photo album to keep the drawings safe.

My Son Goku figure arrived from Hong Kong today. I’m really pleased with this one, especially considering how cheap it was (just under $30 total, I think?). The detail and the molding is really high quality for something that isn’t $100, and it’s a decent size.

This seems to be from the Banpresto SCultures BIG Series 2. Between Series 1 and 2, I’d like to pick up (young) Son Goku, Kuririn, Piccolo and Tao Pai Pai. I’m not sure if there’s a Son Gohan figure in the set.

Anyway, the SCultures series seems to be the best line I’ve seen in some time, at least outside of that insane Medicos Super Saiya-jin Son Goku figure. That thing is awesome.

I’ve been drowning myself in a bit of retail therapy lately, so I picked up this amazing sandstone Derpy figure from Shapeways, courtesy of Hashbro’s 3D modelling work.

It’s exceptional. The attention to detail on the ears and inner-wingspan (hard to see here) is particularly impressive. I’ll really need to grab a small display box to protect her. The model arrived in less than a week from the time of ordering through to delivery (and I’m in Scotland).

I’m really hoping for a Rarity, a Rainbow Dash, or an updated Vinyl Scratch pose, now. Hop to it, Hashbro! ;)


I’m reposting this as a non-ask because I forgot some things.

This is a really old question that I haven’t got around to answering for months because I wanted to be thorough about it. 

As a freelancer with pretty crippling ADHD, my life is a living hell of disconnected thoughts and impulses. 

Even as I type this, I keep stopping myself—“maybe I should make an illustration,” I think, furrowing my brow.  “Nah.  It’s just a Tumblr ask.  Who cares?”  Then, thirty seconds later, I stop again.  “But people read these.  They like them.  If I add illustrations maybe it will be cooler and more fun.”  And so on.

Then I turn away from my laptop entirely to play a few more minutes of Kingdoms of Amalur.  That lasts 5-20 minutes, and then I’m standing up and walking around and following some other impulse.


I don’t have ADHD (at least I don’t think I have, though it might partly explain being exhausted and distracted all the time), but all of this seems like excellent advice that I should probably follow if I ever want to finish a game.

Coffee & Headaches: $15 Headshot Commissions/$15 Pony Drawings


So yeah, doing commissions again because I am kind of in a shitty position.

My dad’s in the hospital. His liver is in bad shape, he’s got pneumonia and a sinus infection, super low blood pressure. We haven’t talked to our insurance yet but I know whenever he’s released… well it’s not gonna be good for us financially.

I don’t have any examples yet (you can glance back through my tumblr to get an idea) but I’m offering $15 colored character portraits and $15 my little pony drawings. 

If you’re interested, please contact me at startwithabang AT

If you’re not interested or just don’t have the money, please please reblog or signal boost. I’d really appreciate it.

riss is one of the coolest artists I know. She likes Graham Linehan and Shunsuke Kikuchi’s original DB soundtracks. IMPECCABLE TASTE. Plus she draws a mean Handsome Jack and Ponies. Please help her out if you can!

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