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Oho, look what just turned up on the askbritannia tumblr for BUCK! Eagle-eyed viewers might be able to find a certain Pat Tester OC hidden there… ;)

EDIT: Uploaded better quality photos.

(Click the photo and then “High-res” for a better view)

Four original pieces of pony art arrived yesterday, courtesy of the immensely-talented sophiecabra.

The photos really do them no justice. You can find scans of the originals on Sophie/Spain’s dA, linked above. I have no idea how she managed to get traditional line-art and colouring this clean! I can barely draw a stick-man without it becoming a smudged mess.

I’ll upload another photo once they’re framed, but that will probably have to wait until my room is re-decorated. In the meantime, I should find a photo album to keep the drawings safe.

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