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BUCK con 2014, Charlotte tried a thing.


That’s it then.

BUCK is finally over for 2014.

Over 7 months ago I started a journey which I thought would be ‘just a bit of fun’ and a brief distraction for a few months. Helping to run a convention, sure, why not? I thought I could be a steward, help people out and show them where they…

An adorable account of our insane weekend at buckcon ‘14, written by our awesome Guest Manager Charlotte! Thanks for all your hard work!

One of my favourite things about attending buckcon this year (apart from being the Crew Officer!) was hanging out with the vendors, most of whom were super talented artists or crafters, and just a joy to talk to.

The wonderful adlynh massively under-charged me for these gorgeous Rarity and Luna inked pieces. Here they are, sitting proudly next my sophiecabra poster!

(Adlynh was an absolute sweetheart at BUCK; she stayed behind at the end of the con to thank me for my help and to give me a free Derpy keychain and some badges! P.S. Adlynh: Happy Belated Birthday!)


((Mods: And this is what we shall leave you to ponder, dear readers.

Stay tuned for incoming content over the next few weeks as we get ourselves pumped up for the Big Event.)) 

Oho, look what just turned up on the askbritannia tumblr for BUCK! Eagle-eyed viewers might be able to find a certain Pat Tester OC hidden there… ;)

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